8 Rosacea Bloggers You Need To Follow Right Now

Do you want to see life with rosacea closely? Then you should definitely, follow these eight rosacea bloggers. Rosacea is a common skin condition that involves visible vessels in your face and small bumps filled by pus. The condition can flare up for weeks or months and then go away for a while. Life is certainly difficult with rosacea; the key is management. You have to find the right ingredients and lifestyle for your skincare; to reduce the symptoms. But unfortunately, there is no one way to deal with this disease. There is a huge range of variety of symptoms, and everyone has their version.
No doubt, it is hard to live with rosacea, but following the beauty bloggers with rosacea can help you a lot. Seeing people with skin just like yours gives you motivation, plus a lot of ideas to manage and find your perfect skincare routine. To make things less difficult for you, we have compiled a list of 8 amazing rosacea bloggers. Dive deep in the world of rosacea by following these inspiring accounts; you will surely get lots of motivation and awareness.

1. Lex Gillies – Skin Positivity

If you want to know about triggers and the right; lifestyle for rosacea, then; you should be definitely, following her. And she is not just giving awareness, but also motivation. Lex Gillies just found her own Instagram club, therealskinclub. Here you get a lot of affirmation; and positivity, which is quite important for your mental health. You can even get cute affirmation cards, mirror mantras, stickers & prints! All designed by people living with rosacea; isn’t it amazing? So if you are looking for guidance and support, she is the one; you should check her account and follow her.

2. joanna | my skin story

Living life with a skin condition like rosacea can be annoying, especially when regular products just don’t work for you. If you are confused about choosing the right products for your skin; Then you should certainly follow Joanna. Joanna from the UK is the rosacea blogger that checks the products with much hype, so you don’t have to, and gives you the right recommendations. She shares what she has been using, how much she liked it, and if she would purchase it again. You can find many unboxing videos and reviews of products; on her account.

3. Rosacea: Beyond the Visible

Follow this account to get a wealth of education about rosacea. There every post is full of facts and awareness, which makes you better understand your condition and find the right cure. Plus, they often share the images of incredible people with rosacea and even encourage you to show your original skin; it really; boost your confidence and makes you feel normal.

4. aLΞ±nΞ± –  πš‚πš”πš’πš— π™Ώπš˜πšœπš’πšπš’πšŸπš’πšπš’ & π™·πšŽπšŠπš•πšπš‘ π™±πš•πš˜πšπšπšŽπš›

She is easy; and straightforward in her blog post, and sometimes that’s all you need to feel connected. Lana is a rosacea blogger; she has suffered from rosacea for the previous; 10 years and knows very well how it shatters confidence; her positivity and encouragement make you embrace your skin with confidence. You can download the free rosacea triggers checklist from her blog. It can help you to find the reason behind your flare-up and manage it in a better way. So make sure to follow her to get the practical, helpful tips and lots of positive vibes.

5. Rose Gallagher


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If you are a makeup lover, then this account is for you. Rosa Gallagher is a beauty blogger with rosacea and often shares a lot of videos about makeup and skincare for rosacea. You can find the best products for your skin, from moisturizer to foundation, in her feed, and even if you don’t wear makeup, her artistry will make you want to get creative and have fun too! And, yes, she is the example; to not let your skin affect your confidence, you can be anything, even a beauty blogger with rosacea or other skin diseases.

6. Madara Skin


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Madara is a UK-based blogger often talking about skincare and beauty. She; herself has dermatitis and rosacea, but that’s not stopping her from getting a flawless glow, and the best part is there is no secret; you can find her skincare routines and all the products she uses in her feed. So if you are facing any difficulty finding the best skincare routine for you, go and check out her account; her recommendations and reviews about products will surely assist you in discovering the best one for you.

7. skincare.and.sunshine


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Red skin is not bad skin; this is the message Ady is trying to spread through her positive Instagram post. She is a photographer and content creator and has a family history of rosacea; All these things together make a perfect blend and enable her to create amazing content, based on her experience and practical knowledge. She also shares her skincare routine and favorite makeup products.

8. D a n i e l l e


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She is real; whatever she posts is free from any filters. Danielle is a rosacea blogger and shares openly; about her skin on her feed. Her every post is full of positive vibes and gives you a boost of confidence. She also shares her skincare routine and the products she is using. Other than that, you can also find some yummy foods and memes in her blog; yup, it is a complete package; check her account, and I am sure you can not stop yourself from following her.

Learn to accept and live happily with your skin and follow these amazing bloggers to get motivation. Plus, it is really; essential to know about the triggers of rosacea, the correct skincare, and makeup products, and you can learn all of this and much more in a fun and interesting way by following these accounts. So what are you waiting for; hurry up, go through the list and follow those which inspire you the most.

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