9 Organic Food Blogs You Need to Start Following Now

One of the major outcomes of the pandemic is the interest in organic food blogs and homemade meal recipes. People are more concerned about their health, and many want to make sure that their food doesn’t contain pesticides, fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. If you are interested in this subject, here is a list of our favorite organic food bloggers:

1. Lisa Leake


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Lisa Leake is a popular name in the organic food niche, she is the author of the NYT best-selling cookbook series “100 Days of Real Food” which helps families find substitutes for processed food, so they can live a healthier and longer life. Lisa has an Instagram page with over 100k followers where she posts short recipes, meal planners, and pictures of delicious homecooked meals. In her blog, she also educates parents on the importance of “real” natural food for children.


2. French Family Food

Alexandra is a french organic food blogger and mother of two who is passionate about teaching other people the art of making nutritious homecooked meals. In her blog, Alex goes into detail about every food group and advises making your plate more “colorful”. She also talks about the importance of encouraging a better diet in children of all ages.

3. sproutingzenwellness

Jen is a former registered nurse who retired to become a full-time mom. But that didn’t stop her from dedicating her time and work to educating people on wellness and nutrition through her organic food blog and Instagram page. She believes in a holistic approach to health, so on her website, we can find nutrition, zen and yoga advice, books for self-help, and many other tools.


4. The Real Food Dietitians

Jess, Stacie, and Jessie are registered dietitians that have dedicated many years of their careers to educating people online about nutrition and well-being. They make things easier for those who are on the run; many freezer and quick-meal options are available on their page, website, and cookbook. On their blog, you can ask questions and find many posts about health from professional nutritionists that will help you add organic food into your diet.


5. mariegourmandise


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Marie is a content creator and Instagram influencer whose motto is “It’s all about food and family.” She has amassed a following by providing people with detailed recipes for all purposes: breakfast, main entrees, snacks, and desserts. She also posts pictures about her travels and shows how you can pack meals for road trips and extended stays out of the home


6. Shaa’s Healthy Kitchen

Shaa’s Healthy Kitchen is an environmentally conscious page that believes in the benefits of growing your food or buying from local organic farmers. They post pictures of delicious meals and desserts with original recipes and teach all their followers how to take care of the environment through healthy eating.

7. Adriana Fox – itandwellmedgal

Adriana is a radiologist and mom influencer that preaches about nutrition and healthy eating recipes. Her aesthetic pictures, regular posting, and great community have attracted many followers over the past years. Her page also talks about fitness and works with many food and supplement brands.


Taryn is a health coach that helps people get out of the negative loop of dieting. She preaches food freedom and urges people to ditch restrictive eating so common in eating disorders. Her organic flood blog is full of easy healthy recipes and options for meals you can prepare for the go. She frequently posts clients’ testimonials that changed their relationship with food through counseling and mindful eating.


9. Downshiftology

Lisa Bryan is a very popular Instagram influencer, Youtuber, and blogger who has reached over 2 million people across her platforms. Her content is focused on organic and gluten-free food recipes, and she frequently posts about other dietary restrictions as well. Her content is significant for those starting their journey with healthy eating since she offers all the steps for having a proper diet on a budget.

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