TOP 10 Must-Follow Military Spouse Bloggers

However, with all due respect for their service, some military spouse bloggers might be a little more famous than their spouses. No surprise, some of them have extraordinary lifestyles, and we enjoy influencing them. They move around a lot and have to adjust to their new life in no time whenever they move. It doesn’t sound very easy, but those spouses can find some fun and adventure in this lifestyle, and they are glad to show it to us! Let’s look at some of them and learn some tips. Here is the shortlist for you:

1. Milspouse Matters Podcast

This military wife blog has a different style. She is not only a spouse but also a military mom. So she knows it all! She has her weekly podcast and published a book about being a military spouse. 30 years of marriage, rolling around the world, and raising 4 kids – what an adventure! You definitely should follow her page and keep update yourself about her amazing life. We all can learn some tricks from her, for sure.

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2. GRACE🌻Milspouse•Motherhood

Having a military wife blog can be tricky sometimes, but this lady shows us it can be fun too! All her posts are educating, inspirational and fun! Mostly fun, relatable videos about being a military wifey. She has the two cutest boys ever, so all her posts look gorgeous. If you are searching for a fun and refreshing military family blog, this one is for you! Go and like every post right now! and you can share them too. We bet your friends would be jealous of how you did find this fantastic blog.

3. madisonrdickson – Military wife blog


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This influencer has her own aesthetic and fashion choices. She shows us even on constant moving and having two kids; we still can look on our best! But we have to give you some warning: do not be distracted by all of those fabulous photos; in no time, floods of cute baby photos can take you! No jokes! Yes, this military family blogger has two sweet baby girls. She shares her daily life, style, and struggles too! It can inspire anybody to take care of their body and dress better. This page can be an excellent source for newlywed military wives who are afraid of coping with all of this. You know what you got to do, right?

4. Military Mama Network

We have to support what we love, and this blog dedicated itself to support all troops, veterans & their families. You can find any support organization or charity event on this blog. If you wonder what you can do for military families for their sacrifice, look at this blog. It is not all about supporting financially; this blog regularly shares warm photos of military families too. You can see respect, care, and love all over this blog. Go and follow it now!

5. TAYLOR 💕 Milspouse + Believer

And last but not least on our shortlist! At first, seeing all those pinks and light blues might make you think, “There is nothing about military”, but no, it is all about it! Her blog is dedicated to love and caring as a military wife. Posts almost daily, even twice in a day! She has her style for posting too! You can see somei professionalism on her page and lots of love at the post. So, go and follow her.

6. militaryspousenewhouse

This cute family blog shows us what it is to be a housewife with two small children. But wait, it is not all of it. She is a military spouse with two small children. Maybe it doesn’t sound extraordinary, but it gets more interesting when you think that they are moving between Great Britain and the USA constantly and have to adjust their lives every time. All their joy, daily life, and adventures are on this blog. You will feel safe and cozy while reading her post. Almost like home!


7. BB McHugh

If only posts are not enough for you, you should subscribe to this military family YouTube channel. They have lots of exciting videos. Even about picky eater toddlers, etc., but if you ask us, our favourites about do’s and don’ts a military wife survival guides. Of course, “survival” here represents surviving in constant moving and joggling with kids all the time! She can’t upload weekly vlogs due to their busy lives, but you will get good content every time! We think it is more than good enough!

8. Caitlin Catania

You may or may not have some doubts if she is a fashion blogger or military family. We can confidently say both! Her style is unique, and she preserves her style while being a full-time military wife. Shocking, huh?! It is not all; she also travels a lot (for obvious reasons) and blogs it every time! It is like having your own YouTube influencer with military roots.

9. military families magazine

As we can see from the title, this page is dedicated to a particular magazine – for military families. There you can find some shootouts for new articles or interviews. Most of them are heartwarming stories of military families. If you are not a magazine person, follow this page and be aware of what is new on this topic—just some short posts or highlights from articles on the magazine. Enjoy!


10. _sunnyinjune – military spouse blog

Yes, more cool moms! She is an example of being the coolest mom ever while having four children and constantly moving around. We have to admit, it seems a little bit challenging, but she is doing great! Most of her posts are about her daily life – going gym, walking a dog, cooking, and being an awesome military wife! But we have to warn you, some of her posts with family might have cuteness at dangerous levels. So be aware of “I want this in my life!” attacks while scrolling at her page.


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