11 Best Thai Food Bloggers You Need To Follow in 2021

Lately, Thai foods have earned well-deserved recognition. It is all over the internet; everyone seems to be crazy about their food and culture. The best way to learn one’s culture is by cooking their food. So, let’s look at some Thai food bloggers who share their kitchen and their culture with us daily. Get your notepad and write down those beautiful Thai bloggers! Oh, sorry, you don’t need to write it down; just follow them on social media. Here goes the list:

1. Eat, Sleep and Repeat – กินกับนอน

Do you want to know quick, easy to make recipes of Thai food? This blog is only and only for you! The best part is, you don’t even have to know Thai to understand those recipes, just slide of photos enough to figure out what’s happening there and make that delicious food. Also, this page has pleasing aesthetic, colourful photos and lovely food photos. Feeds your eyes first and later; maybe you have time to cook those foods!

CHECK ALSO: “Eat, Sleep and Repeat” Facebook Page

2. Pailin’s Kitchen – Hot Tai Kitchen

The name itself is quite explanatory here; yes, it is a very hot, delicious, and unique Thai kitchen! 10~minutes videos in English will explain to you how to cook authentic Thai foods without hustle. Anyone can find recipes for their liking on this channel. Do you enjoy cute, colourful cakes? They are here! Do you love big chunks of ribs or barbeque meat? They are here!

CHECK ALSO: Hot Tai Kitchen Website | Instagram Page

3. Ann Home Cooking


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Yes, we are all not perfect cooks with excellent skills, and sometimes we crave simple, homemade foods. There might be many wonderful Thai food blogs, but sometimes simple is the best. This Instagram page gives us the comfort of our home. Just one camera angle, one wok and delicious homemade foods. Many recipes are waiting for you. The best part is most of these recipes have simple ingredients, which we all have at home. Just open your fridge, and viola; you are making a dish you just saw on the internet.

4. farmiscooking

This bogger shares her daily healthy meals with her audience. The main point is – Healthy! If you have concerns about your weight or just want to stay healthy, those recipes are for you. It might be only on Instagram now, but it has a Youtube channel too. It is not so active, though. Also, on this food page, there are many international recipes too! One of the best Thai food blogs for sure.

5. Siya Kebsup


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This blogger mainly focuses on seafood dishes. Delicious fish, shrimp and salmon – if you constantly eat seafood and want to explore new recipes, then this page is for you. And these dishes are comfort foods too! Easy, soothing, healthy options with lots of vegetables. There are fewer authentic Thai or Asian spices, so it would be much easier to find the right ingredients.

CHECK ALSO: “Farmiscooking” YouTube Channel

6. Thai Way Of Living

This blogger is also one of the best Thai food bloggers. Not just because they share interesting Thai dishes and street foods but also because they share videos about living in Thailand; if you want to know Thai culture, walk around the streets, enjoy daily conversations with Thai people, and they definitely should subscribe to this channel. Also, these videos are mostly around three or five minutes, so you won’t spend hours finding the right recipe for you. Just scroll down and click on what you like.

7. RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond

This blog offers us a colourful food palate. You can find recipe videos about almost any dish. Today you care for noodles with Coconut curry? On it. Or vegetarian broccoli stir fry? Just steam the video. Even lemon ginger honey tea is on this channel. This variety of foods allows us to enjoy all of these foods and just in minutes! Also, this channel has years of experience, so you can scroll down as much as you want and still find new and unique recipes.

CHECK ALSO: “RK Thai Kitchen” Facebook Page

8. Charinya’s Kitchen

Yes, we know, most Thai food blogs are in Thai, so it makes it hard to understand sometimes. But this particular blow has English recipes first and then in Thai! So, if you are also learning Thai by self-study, this might be a great opportunity! This page shares mostly stir or fried air recipes. Do you love pork or fried recipes? Just find it on the page. Also, these recipes are easy to make and plate. You need a suitable pan and an air fryer.

CHECK ALSO: Charinya’s Kitchen Website | YouTube Channel

9. Poiluang Cooking


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This page publishes high-quality recipe videos almost daily. Most of these recipes are easy to make and simple, but, boy, it looks magical! All food is well prepared, placed and has good resolution. It looks like a movie rather than a simple food blog video. The plating is also top-notch. You can look at the photos and taste the food instantly – it is delicious! They share a video explaining every dish they post on the page. So you wouldn’t have the question – how should I make this perfect food?!

10. Marni Xuto – easy.thaifood

Not all Thai food bloggers have a website, but this one is different. Although the Instagram page has not had many followers, they also have a well-made website with many recipes. On the Instagram page, we mainly can see the results of those recipes or just the owner’s daily life. However, it might be interesting for many reasons. The very first reason is – it is all in English! No need to translate

Check Marni’s Website:

11. Ginyuudai

This is last but not least one on our shortlist. This page has a thing for an egg. Yes, yes, for an egg. Maybe most of us like eggs, but we only had options like sunny side up or hard-boiled and scrambled if we wanted to feel fancy. But this page shows us various uses of eggs – In the dish, on the dish and even dish itself is made from an egg!

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