10 Top Halal Food Bloggers and Websites You Should Follow

The internet might have billions of food recipes, but sometimes it`s hard to find the right recipe for your family. If you are a Muslim family, halal food bloggers and their recipes might be best for you. Back then, it was hard to find bloggers when you can`t eat certain foods because of lifestyle choices and religious reasons. Especially finding “halal” food recipes can be a real challenge.a Not anymore. We just found ten well-known halal food blogs for you. Here goes our list:

1. Hungry Husband Cooks


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This blogger posts almost daily, so you have a delicious halal recipe for every day of the year! All recipes are easy to make, nutritious, filling, and unbelievably delicious! Also, this blogger posts some very inspiring and educational posts too. So you will feed your soul too while feeding your family with halal food. However, keep in mind that most of those recipes are for large families. If you have only 2-4 people in your family, consider using half of the ingredients.

2. Hungry Hijabi

If you liked the first blog, then you would like this one too! Yes, you have guessed it right, they are husband and wife. They didn`t choose to have a joint family blog but make two individual pages and be a separate halal food blogger. When you look at this blog, you can see why. Husband mostly likes to cook “manly” foods, such as kebabs, big chunks of meat, and sugary sweets. Both cook halal, though.


3. Halal Girl – Halal Food Blogger


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Are you not a “home cooking” type of person? Want to eat out, but don`t know any halal food restaurants? No worries, this blog will help you find perfect halal food places in your city. Food and travel blogger goes around the world, tries best foods and gives own feedback. And most importantly, she always shares the location and sometimes even tags the place! It`s great when you are new to the city and don`t know where you can find halal food.


4. Creative Halal Food

Sometimes food itself isn`t enough; you want something to enjoy seeing. Feast to the eyes, you know. And this halal food blog is all you are asking for. It has some outstanding aesthetics. Despite being a small blog, the owner put lots of effort into it. One post is a high-resolution photo of the dish, and after that comes a video tutorial. Easy, clean, and yummy! Also, story highlights help find the perfect recipe – breakfast, poultry, brunch, etc.

5. A Halal Food Journey

Another perfect blog for halal food lovers: if you like to make food but sometimes feel lazy and want to get food somewhere else, this blog is made for you. There are halal food destinations and some delicious halal food recipes on the blog. Recipes are not so complicated and mostly have everyday use ingredients. Maybe not hat “Authentic”, but easier to make. Also, this blogger travels the world too and shares perfect pictures from where they went.

6. Halal Chef

halal chef

Do you believe food shouldn`t look pretty and aesthetic but mouthwatering and hearty? This channel hears you. Many channels and halal food websites are focused on looking appealing rather than being yummy and filling. However, this channel has a different style. Easy recipes of meat, chicken, and kinds of pasta, and some sweets and other things. All not just for the show, but for teaching you how to cook a perfect, filling meal just in minutes. But be aware, some of those recipes are not the best healthy choices. Despite that, we can guarantee that all of them are delicious!

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7. Laotai Arui – Chineese Muslim Blog

That is one of the most interesting Muslim food channels on the internet. This blogger combines Asian cuisine with halal ingredients only and makes the most delicious foods! This channel is not only about food too. There are many videos about her daily life and family events, which might be educational and inspiring. Most dishes on this channel are very authentic; that`s the way some may find them challenging to make. However, you always can enjoy the videos and learn more about Chinese-Muslim culture. Videos are warm and friendly.

8. My Big Fat Halal Blog

Don`t let the title mislead you. This page has many healthy halal food recipes on it. All recipe videos are professionally made; that is why it is easy to watch and learn. Everything looks so simple, and no effort on those videos. Also, this page is not all about recipes. There are some suggestions on where to eat halal food all around the world. We can call it “the ultimate guide to halal foods”, I guess. At least, it is what the owner of the blog claims. And we might be agreeing with her too!

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9. Halal Food Guy


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Maybe you know some halal restaurants around you, but you didn`t visit all of them, so having a hard time picking one? No worries, our halal food guy is here to give you his reviews about those restaurants. The entire page is dedicated to review the best restaurant and give them honest reviews. Whether it is a high-class place or some food vendor just around the corner – this guy will give his honest review about the food! But be aware, this blogger loves meat, so there might be not that many vegan or vegetarian options to be reviewed by him.

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10. Halal SnackBox


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Yes, we did it – we save the best ones to the last. Of course, we don`t say it is the best page for halal food eaters, but the best for halal snack lovers. Just imagine having a box full of halal sweets, jerky, and snacks – mouthwatering! It can be a perfect gift for a friend too! Just look at this page and decide for yourself.

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