15 Eczema Bloggers To Watch Right Now – Ultimate List

Eczema bloggers have done a great job raising awareness for one of the most misunderstood skin conditions people can have. A lot of people think that eczema is just a normal skin complication like hormonal pimples, so people who suffer from it can be seen as shallow. This has put a new spotlight on the eczema warriors who use their platform to show the truth about this condition and its serious effects on people.

1. Tiffany Erikacheung – Eczema Doc & Coach

Tiffany Erika Cheung is a naturopathic doctor who helps women and kids to heal eczema naturally. She advocates that this condition causes problems to the individual’s self-esteem and should be treated physically as well as psychologically. Tiffany has a skin and body care line that is plant-based and steroid free that claims to soothe the skin and help with itching.

2. itsanitchyworld – Maria 🌻 Eczema & Selfcare

Alexis is an eczema influencer that focuses on self-acceptance and the road to recover your self-esteem when suffering from eczema. She sells customized t-shirts with phrases like “Hot girls have eczema” and “ VIP – Very Itchy Person”, which helps people with the same condition connect and be proud of it. Alexis also posts pictures makeup-free and showcases her progress with treatment and being steroid-free

3. nicolaljohnston – ECZEMA ‘EXPERT’ & advocate

Nicola Johnston is a content creator and eczema blogger who uses Instagram and blog posts to give advice on how to treat this skin condition while taking care of your mental health and self-esteem. Nicola is on the most influential eczema bloggers list due to her following and the fact that she regularly works with many skincare brands.

4. Eczema Warrior

Valeria is an Italian eczema influencer and blogger who is a veteran in the field of destigmatizing skin conditions. She is a beauty blogger with eczema that posts about the lesser-known side effects and the main treatments, but she mainly focuses on normalizing the appearance of eczema. Her motto is always being kind to others and practicing positive self-affirmations.

5. Eczema Coach

Michelle Mills is a coach and Youtuber who loves helping others treat eczema with a holistic approach. Her profile and Youtube channel talk about what you can do to live comfortably and itch-free with this skin condition, as well as sharing products that can help your treatment. She also posts before and after pictures of women she worked with to showcase the positive effects of what she teaches.

6. Eczema Memes


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The Eczema Memes page on Instagram is the perfect place to find people who suffer from this condition and who are looking for some comfort in humor. Their following has grown over the past year with more regular posts, and many people say that this page has helped them overcome negative thoughts about themselves and their struggles with eczema.

7. The Eczema Podcast


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The Eczema Podcast does the important and underrated job of having serious long-form conversations about a condition that affects millions of people. Their Youtube channel posts various interviews with skin care professionals and people who suffer from eczema and want to share their experiences.

8. Abby – Eczema Researcher & RHN

Abby is a holistic nutritionist and host of the aforementioned Eczema podcast. She has written ebooks and worked directly with people seeking proper treatment, both physically and mentally. She posts before and after pictures that inspire people in their journey and urges them to take care of their mental health.

9. Sami ✨ Eczema Story


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Sami is a beauty influencer who shares her personal experience with eczema and allergies from the perspective of a new mother. Her story is essential for pregnant women and mothers who are noticing eczema flare-ups during pregnancy and after birth, which is something not a lot of people talk about. Sami shares before and after pictures offer advice, and most importantly, gives a voice to other women in the same situation.

10. Eczema Life


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The Eczema Life page is a dynamic profile on Instagram that posts everything from healthy eating to treat skin conditions to testimonials and motivational quotes. This is a “must follow” page for lost and needs guidance in treatment, diet, and emotional support. Many followers of Eczema Life also help each other in the comment section, which is an excellent source of encouragement.

11. _lydslife – Skincare|Eczema|Wellness

Lidia is a beauty influencer and blogger with eczema that has years of posts detailing her journey. She focuses her platform on discussing what caused her eczema, all treatments that she tried, and tips to help anyone in the same situation. Lidia writes about the importance of having a community and does her best to nurture that in all of her platforms.

12. Dermatite Atopica, Eczema

Dermatite atopica is a page by an Italian woman who shares photos and posts about her current treatment with Dupixent and other products. This influencer chooses not to share her identity and proves that she doesn’t need to in order to help others. Her regular posts receive a lot of love and messages of encouragement, mainly from women who are getting the same treatment.

13. Eczema | Skin Care Specialist

The skincare and health blog is a complete Instagram page that covers all aspects of eczema treatment, including diet, supplements, and coaching. This page is owned by a woman who talks about her complete recovery from chronic eczema and the science behind this skin condition.

14. Eczema-Friendly Recipes


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As the name suggests, the Eczemadiet Instagram page shares recipes for delicious homemade food that heals your skin from the inside out. Their focus is to provide easy steps you can take to change your diet and nutrition by posting recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks you can have.

theeczemaedit – Krista


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Krista is a beauty influencer who posts beautiful aesthetic pictures of her skin condition and flare-ups. She also brings the perspective of a person of color who suffers from eczema, which is something many people don’t talk about. She frequently works with skincare brands and shares her routines.

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