15 Inspiring Gray Hair Bloggers To Follow Right Now

There are a lot of gray hair bloggers out there, but who should you follow? These bloggers make it easier for you to embrace your unique style and look. Here are 15 of them. So whether you’re in the process of going gray or just curious about what it will look like, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on these gray hair bloggers’ profiles.

  1. Karen | gray hair transition |

    Karen has over 60K followers on Instagram, a popular skincare and fitness enthusiast. She reviews the latest skincare trends, reviews beauty products, has a thriving following on Instagram, and is partnered with many clean beauty brands. In addition, she shares a variety of clean beauty now and then. She has a high engagement rate and shares her secrets in a fun and informative way, making her one of the most popular gray hair influencers.

  2. thesilverlining_1970 – LUISA fashion. beauty. hair.

    Luisa is an expert on gray hair. She has been blogging for numerous years, and her large following on Instagram is a testament to her expertise and knowledge. Follow her on Instagram for tricks on how to make your gray locks look good!

  3. Carla Martin @silvergirlmx

    Grey hair is no longer a problem for older women. However, many famous people are showing signs of graying. For example, Carla Martin is a gray hair blogger on Instagram with a large audience. Her tips can help you grow your hair naturally. Besides promoting healthy aging, she shares personal stories about embracing her gray hair.

  4. Nona | Gray Hair Style over 50

    If you’re one of the people who aren’t afraid of graying hair, you’re not alone. Many Instagrammers are not afraid to show off their gray hair. One of them is Nona, who is mainly known for her selfies. In the meantime, her curly and gray hair has been the source of much envy among fans and followers alike, so if you are looking for some good gray hair curly blogs, don’t forget to follow her!

  5. HILLARY 🌪The SilverStorm🌪

    There are plenty of reasons why Hillary is a gray hair Instagram. She has an incredible style and a lot of followers, and she’s been able to take her devotion to photography to a whole new level. Her photos are not only a reflection of her style, but they also show how much of an influence she has on young girls who want to look like her.

  6. Kathleen M.


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    A post shared by Kathleen M. (@k_growing_gray)

    Kathleen is a well-known Instagrammer who is passionate about her gray hair. Her stellar looks are incredibly striking and often prompt comments from virtual strangers; her poker-straight silver locks have made her an Instagram star. Her beautiful, natural hair and beautiful face have turned her into a celebrity in no time.

  7. Silver Sisters MX ®️

    In addition to promoting gray hair, Silver Sisters MX has a video series on YouTube featuring some women who have gone gray and now love it. The videos are hilarious and make grey hair seem very glamorous and sophisticated. And the best part about these videos is that they don’t need any special styling products. She also has a great face and a friendly disposition, so it’s easy to see why these women embrace their natural color.

  8. @jens_going_gray.zy – Jennifer Lee

    If you have gray hair, some great Instagram accounts celebrate gray hair. One such account is @ jens_going_gray.zy. While many people have the same natural hair color as Jennifer, you’ll be surprised at how much you love it. She has a tremendous following on Instagram and preaches the radical celebration of gray hair. This woman’s style is truly unique, and you can’t help but notice the difference in her pictures.

  9. @gray_feels_great – Evgenia

    Evgenia is a popular Russian gray hair Instagrammer with a huge following. She’s got a huge following and shares her experiences with everything she knows. Today, she has nearly 15K followers and has grown her audience. The best part is she uses Instagram to share her experiences and tips. This way, she can also reach a wider audience and help other people looking to stick with gray.

  10. @grey_so_what – Sandrine P

  11. Bahar Niramwalla


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    Bahar Niramwalla, an aspiring blogger with 10,400 people on Instagram, is an expert on gray hair products. She reviews the latest products for women with gray hair and shares her daily meditations. She has been a gray hair enthusiast for a long time and documents her transition with beautiful photographs and videos. In addition, she reviews products that help women achieve the look of a movie star. You can also follow her if you’re looking for some fantastic gray hair blogs!

  12. Carrie-Jessica


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    If you’re a gray-haired woman, you’ve probably noticed that there are a lot of gray hair Instagrammers. One of the most interesting is Carrie Jessica, who has posted pictures of her short gray hair and showcased them to her followers. She also has an infectious smile that’s made her follower-base grow with her.

  13. Alison – @joining_the_greyvolution


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    Besides reviewing hair products and doing videos about different beauty trends, Alison is an active member of the Instagram community for gray hair. Her popularity is that she tries out various looks that suit her natural color. If you want to make your gray hair look cool, follow her! She has an exceptional following of more than 8000 people! Here, she shares her favorite tips and tricks for looking your best!

  14. @melisainoz – Melisa_Style Beyond 50


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    If you’re not sure how to deal with your gray hair, you can check out Instagram accounts such as @melisainoz. Melisa has beautiful silver locks and regularly posts selfies. If you’re not willing to commit to going gray yet, you can look to fellow gray hair Instagrammers for tips and advice. You can also follow them for helpful guides, reviews, and product recommendations.

  15. Silvina Ned


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    If you want to embrace your gray hair, follow Silvina Ned’s account. She is a fashion influencer, blogger, and gray hair enthusiast. Her pictures are filled with joy and positivity. Despite her gray hair, she’s still able to stay stylish, thanks to her curly hair that compliments her hair.

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