10 Nigerian Food Blogs Every Foodie Must Follow

The art of cooking is one that Nigerian food blogs find enjoyable. They enjoy meticulously listing ingredients. While they cook their dishes and serve their guests, they are proud of their delicious dishes. They’re always eager to showcase their culinary skills before the entire world. People who follow this path as a career are known as food bloggers. Food is a must that we cannot live without it for long. This is why the niche of food bloggers is just as crucial as other niches. If you look at the work that food bloggers in Nigeria do, you’ll be convinced they are worthy of praise. Let’s take a look at these top 10 Nigerian food blogs.



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    FOOD BLOG AFRICA aims to showcase the west African recipes visually appealing to help globalization provide details on Nigerian dishes and beverages. Apart from recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare particular indigenous dishes, The blog also offers fascinating and entertaining feature stories that are sure to delight any foodie who truly loves. The delicious photography and videos are what make FOOD BLOG AFRICA unique.


    FOOD BLOGGER IN AFRICA Recipes is a blog full of delicious recipes concentrating on fresh produce and the finest quality ingredients. Nigeria-based FOOD BLOGGER IN AFRICA is a cook-by-night as well as a food stylist, photographer, and blogger. She creates delicious meals in her home kitchen to please the everyday cook.

  3. Mrs Kush


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    Mrs Kush has created a blog to share her food experience with her family and friends. With crisp, clear pictures and simple to comprehend Nigerian recipes, Mrs Kush is a renowned food blog and video blog in Nigeria. It is also among the most popular Nigerian food recipe blogs. One of the most popular African food bloggers, Kush, gives in-depth instructions for cooking mainly Nigerian dishes.

  4. Malicka | Food & Culture

    Malicka | Food & Culture blog is often tagged as the top food blog compared to other best Nigerian food blogs. This blog is primarily explicitly focused on Nigerian dishes of various types. Recipes like snacks recipes breakfast recipes, Calabar delights are only some of the recipes you will find on this blog. If you’re looking to learn how to cook traditional Nigerian dishes, ingenuous African dishes, or even international food, the Malicka | Food & Culture is the place to visit.

  5. Kikifoodies Kitchen


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    She is the cook, recipe creator photographer, food stylist and video producer behind Kiki Foodies, and she is so thrilled that so many people have stumbled upon her small website. She aims to share her passion for food. She is a significant foodie; she is a 3rd generation baker; she loves to create delicious and exquisitely presented home-cooked recipes that you can easily recreate from the convenience of your own home. Her blog shares her perspective of food and cooking. It’s quick, innovative, and straightforward. It’s also delicious Rapid and creative ideas and new versions of your favourite recipes with simple, easy to assess ingredients that can be used to create delicious dishes created by hand.

  6. Sisi Jemimah’s Recipes


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    Jemimah Adebiyi runs the blog as the recipe designer at, a food blog with delicious, family-friendly recipes and detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by clear photos. She’s always been enthusiastic about writing, but it was never a thought for me to begin an online blog before the present, even though Jemimah Adebiyi has been urged by her friends to start one. Her love for cooking and creating recipes started at the beginning of this year. She began posting pictures of food she cooked through Facebook and Instagram. In turn, her friends and followers began to ask her to start blogging to ensure they were keeping up with new recipes. After a few attempts, Jemimah Adebiyi finally decided to merge her two passions writing and cooking, and was born.

  7. Chef Lola’s Kitchen

    Lola’s interest in cooking started in the early years of her life. Her father believes she was around six years old. However, Lola can’t recall a specific period before she started cooking. The enthusiasm and love Lola was a foodie in her early years haven’t yet diminished; it is growing. Lola is a baker who has learned by herself. While both her grandmother and aunt are bakers, Lola didn’t know any baking skills from them. She believes it is in her blood!

    Her first job was as a restaurant manager before going back to the States to be with her husband. After arriving in the States, she realized that she was determined to pursue her interests. Lola was faced with the choice of cooking or sewing (yes, she does sew!). Lola picked cooking, and blogging has been her way to share my recipes. She cooks primarily at home using fresh and low-processed ingredients and inexpensive common ingredients readily found in your pantry or readily available at the local supermarket.

  8. SisiYemmieTV

    Sisi Yemmie is a creator and shares food-related videos developed due to experiments she has conducted in her kitchen. They are posted on her YouTube channel SisiYemmieTV. She also provides content on parenting as well as relationships and lifestyle on her nigerian food blog. She was interviewed on CNN Africa alongside Linda Ikeji and Chiamaka Obuekwe, dubbed “women who have struck social media gold”. As of January 2022, she had 698,000 subscribers as well as 70,762,413 views on her channel. Her channel was called “Brilliant” by Prince Charles in his visit to British Council in Lagos. She was named one of the most popular female Nigerian YouTubers in December of 2020. She was the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Nigeria.

  9. Winniefred cooks


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    It is true to call her Nigeria’s YouTube culinary queen, and you’ll be right. Slim, elegant, gorgeous, and with a friendly smile, Winifred Emmanuel has made cooking a compelling proposition and is assisting others to improve their skills at making delicious food. A captivating host for a food show and her cooking tutorials on her Zeelicious Foods channel on YouTube are quickly becoming the preferred choice for those just beginning their journey into cooking or who would like to enhance their cooking skills. This inspired her to start and host the fastest-growing food show from Nigeria on YouTube with a following of around 170,000 at the latest count, spanning over 30 countries worldwide. The show for Nigerian food bloggers has a significant following on Instagram and Facebook, with 150,000 and 70,070 and 70,000, respectively.

  10. @bellematters

    Kevwe is a trained development chef who has an education in nutrition and food science. She cooks exquisite but easy meals. The vast collection of recipes on her website, Bits of Kevwe, includes desserts such as Rice Krispies cake, a childhood favourite, as some exciting ideas for dinner, perfect for entertaining guests, or even for cooking for just one.

    Food bloggers, and creative minds when it comes to creating food, anyone can now have access to the countless recipes, video tutorials, tips and suggestions that they share with just a single click.

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