15 Asian Fitness Influencers & Instagrammers To Follow

The place for Asian fitness influencers is growing each day with the rise of the East and Southeast social media markets, quickly becoming the front runners on online fitness. So if you want to find the perfect Asian fitness influencer on Instagram to sponsor, or you just want to find a content creator who will get you off the couch and into the gym, this list is for you.

1. Belinda Hicks


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Belinda Hicks is an admitted gym lover who makes many posts about weightlifting and weight training for inspiring others on their fitness journey. Her posts appear on the top for many hashtags involving fitspo and Asian fitness, which would explain the high number of followers and the incredible engagement she receives on every post.

2. Kathryn Nash | Workouts

Kathryn Nash is the co-owner of a personal coaching program, which according to her, has changed the lives of thousands of women. She mainly posts videos that remind us of Asian fitness bloggers with tips for the gym, posts discussing mental and physical health, self-esteem, and overall well-being. Kathryn has grown her influence on the female fitness niche and has no stopping in sight.

3. Michael Frank


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Michael Frank is a popular fitness trainer that posts videos not only inspiring but also instructing people on the correct way to perform exercises. His tutorials are perfect for those who consume content by Asian fitness bloggers as he regularly posts about his routine and improvement. Michael already has a lot of powerful endorsements and is part of AnimalFlow, a large fitness movement for fitness enthusiasts.

4. Ng. Hirosh


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Ng. Hiroshi is an Asian male fitness blogger who posts inspirational quotes and positive images to motivate people to get out of bed and change their lives through exercise. He mainly posts weight lifting and wall climbing exercises as well as progress pictures that can inspire anyone to start their fitness journey.

5. ciindylifts


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Cindy is a 22-year-old powerlifting enthusiast who is both a fitness and a beauty influencer. She mainly posts progress pictures and videos of powerlifting, doing bench press, and even attending competitions to motivate women to start weight lifting healthily. Cindy has a large platform with a lot of engagement and already works with many successful sponsorships.

6. Karen


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Karen is a fitness and nutrition influencer from Hong Kong who posts regularly at the gym and focuses mainly on aesthetic shots and healthy eating awareness. Karen already works with brands that agree with her message of a healthy body and a healthy mind. For many people, simply seeing her pictures regularly can help with the will to start exercising for the day.

7. Chenyang Zhao | Online Coach

Chenyang Zhao is a popular trainer and online coach who uses her platform to reach out to busy women wanting to change their lives for the better through fitness. Chenyang posts about healthy eating, proper exercise and showcases before and after pictures of herself and her clients who changed their bodies and minds during her program.

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8. 김승현 Seung-hyeon Kim

Seung-Hyeon Kim is a famous Korean fitness instructor and Instagram influencer with an unbelievable physique. He regularly posts pictures on the gym and body-building competitions which have attracted a lot of attention online. With a doll-like body, Seung-Hyeon is quickly becoming the Asian fitness influencer guy on Instagram, acquiring almost 50k followers and many sponsorships.

9. Hang | Fitness•Food•Wellness 🦋

Hang is a health and fitness coach who focuses on developing self-love and confidence through exercise. Hang usually posts before and after pictures of her clients along with inspirational posts that touch many women who are struggling with exercise and self-image. Many people think that Hang is the perfect influencer to follow as a beginner due to her positive message and growing social media following.

10. Jay Bi, Fitness Coach

Jay Bi is a certified personal trainer and bodybuilder competitor that uses his Instagram to raise fitness awareness and tips for building a male physique that is aesthetic and healthy. He regularly participates in competitions and inspires a lot of men to get out of their comfort zones and start investing energy into exercising and improving themselves.

11. Kay Kay Keung CSCS 🇭🇰🇺🇸

Kay Keung is a female powerlifter and director of the Hong Kong Powerlifting Federation, which helps men and women that are passionate about the sport. Kay usually posts her exercises routine along with tips for competitors and struggles that are faced by many in the powerlifting community but not often talked about. Her specific area of influence is gaining traction each day along with her following.

12. A N N I E ☆ healthy habits

Annie is a popular female fitness influencer and blogger who uses her social following to talk about serious issues such as ed recovery, sobriety, and struggles with self-image. Her positive message has acquired a loyal following that engages with all of her posts about exercises tutorials and informal chats. Annie has the opportunity to reach and help many women in her situation, and she makes use of her platform for positive change.



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Skye J is a female fitness and nutrition influencer who has amassed a significant following over the past year posting progress pictures and detailed workout tutorials on her Instagram page. Skye believes in mental and physical health and uses her platform to advocate for self-love before having the “perfect” fitness body.


Ling Su is a female online coach and fitness influencer who uses her platform to reach out to women who need help in the workout and health departments. Ling regularly posts videos of client workouts with encouraging messages that make many women feel motivated, as well as hearth warming testimonials from past clients whose lives she improved.

15. amateurwordsmith


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Grant is a male Instagram influencer who posts about fitness, reading, and travel. His platform is very inviting to beginners due to his encouraging messages and progress pictures that are more realistic than what other influencers post. He is the fitness guy you should follow for realistic advice and approach to working out.

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