15 Top Art Influencers Accounts on Instagram

There is an old saying: Art is life.

Some art influencers took this saying literally and made their life, especially social life around their life. We can’t complain; who doesn’t want to see incredible art pieces whenever they scroll down their main page? I know, I want. So let’s see some fantastic influencer art accounts. Please keep in mind list doesn’t represent their skill level, only numbers!

1. Marie-O🌶 Art


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Are you interested in playful art facts? Daily videos? Amazing arts? We know the answer. This account offers us more than just videos and facts. Also, give really useful information about an art museum that you can visit whenever you want. Let’s call this influencer “a pocket-size museum instructor.” It fits their content perfectly!

2. Rated Modern Art



Last but not least, one is just adorable! From newborns’ hair to hundreds of paper balls – just fascinating! If you believe art should be mysterious and magical simultaneously, this page will give you what you want. Different colors, different shapes, and different perspectives. After looking at some of those posts, you will start to see art everywhere! And it is the main goal anyway.

4. abstract.mag


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The name probably gave it away, but we will say it anyway: this page is dedicated to abstract art. This account promotes the best modern art influencers. And when we say “modern and abstract”, we mean it. You can see there some new and inspirational artists’ works. However, there are also some classics. Like George Clooney in dots!

We bet you want to check out this one now.

5. Jan Hakon Erichsen


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Art can be complex. You need unique and expensive supplies, a lot of training and education… Okay, maybe some art influencers made you think like that, but not this one! This page shows us that art can be so much simple and easy yet entertaining simultaneously. Can you make art with a single banana? Why not! Or can you amaze people with a balloon? Of course, if you have a creative way to pop it. This page gives a different definition of “abstract art.” You must follow it for more inspirational content.



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If you only think about paintings on the wall when we talk about art, this page will blow your mind! Art is limitless, so in this account. A small dance, an exciting tree bench, or just a smile can be art. We have to admit; even we did not know how diverse art could be. And here we are, watching those colorful and soft videos and just mesmerized.

7. Artsy


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8. Avant Arte


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9. Joan Cornellà


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Do you know that really funny story about the headless Jack? What do you mean by “horrifying stories cannot be funny”? Sure it can be, and our next one of art influencers on Instagram is here to prove it! Joan has very particular humor and is not afraid to share it. Thank you! This page is about a different art form: caricatures. Its caricatures are not about being funny or educational. Mostly is about today’s lifestyle how we all are turning to emotionless robots. Scary in a funny way, though!

10. Classical Art Details

If you only think that abstract art means it should be done recently, we have good news for you: even in medieval times, there was abstract art. Don’t you believe us? Look at this page, and you will see various classic abstract paintings and art pieces. Look closer; you might have known some of them. But we bet you didn1t look at them with this perspective before! As most classical art pieces hide different meanings and exciting details, this page tries to reveal them.

11. Fluid Art by Jamie Pomeranz



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Sometimes art is not about what we can see but what we can’t see. However, in this case, there will be lots of speculations about what the hell we are seeing? Yes, we gathered top art influencers’ accounts to be amazed. This one is special even to us. Why? Because it keeps incredible us every time, we look at those videos. And believe us, we had watched it A LOT! But we have to warn you: it is addictive. All of those videos are based on visual effects and different perspectives. Enjoy!

13. David Altmejd


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Okay, this artist’s art is something you didn’t see before. Most art influencers on Instagram prefer to use natural objects or figures in their art, but this one prefers humans. Not real ones, of course! It mainly uses human shapes or just body parts. There is a little bit of twist: they are not in their “regular” shapes. Have you ever seen ahead with six eyes? Or an exactly anatomical copy of the human arm but with extra few hands? It might sound a little bit frightening, but it is artsy and educational. This page will be perfect for medical students also. However, keep in mind that all those figures are fictional.

14. Colossal


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Being abstract is not all about being modern. Sometimes classic itself can be abstract enough. Do you have any doubts? Check out this page! It is all pastel and lovely until one bold detail catches your attention. Also, this page differs from other art influencer pages with its choice of art supplies. It can be a piece of wood or some yarn; even a chair can be an art figure. But we promise you; this page will give you much more than a chair.

15. artleove


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