Top 25 male beauty influencers

Finding the best male beauty influencers in the entire world might sound hard, since there are so many of them to choose from. The truth is that more and more men started to develop interests in things like beauty, grooming and looking great. But which are the best ones to follow right now? Here are some of the best male beauty influencers worldwide!

Which are the top 25 male beauty influencers in the world?

1) James Charles

James Charles was selected the first male ambassador for CoverGirl before he graduated from high school, making him one of the top male beauty influencers on social media. He has 4.4 million Instagram followers and 4.1 million YouTube subscribers since then. His fans like his lessons, tips, and techniques.



2) Manny Gutierrez

Manny Gutierrez is a boy beauty YouTuber who wants to raise awareness of men’s cosmetics talents in the beauty business. Manny’s fascination with beauty began when he was a youngster, when he would watch his mother get dressed, but he didn’t begin dabbling in the field until much later — he had intended to go medical school but instead chose to pursue a career in beauty.


Gabriel Zamora

Gabriel Zamora is focused on beauty vlogging and he creates content like tutorials, product reviews, makeup tips and tricks, among many others. He has accounts on most social platforms, more specifically YouTube. He is also the first male influencer accepted in the Michelle Phan beauty community.

Gary Thompson

Gary is a DJ, lifestyle and beauty writer, but also a makeup artist. He lives in London and he talks about cosmetics, fashion and beauty. He also uploads content very often, which is amazing.

Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher talks about all kinds of content, ranging from skincare and shaving to beauty and looking good in general. He offers a great perspective of how male beauty influencers approach this type of content, and results are indeed incredible, which is what matters the most.

Manny Gutierrez

Manny Gutierrez has a keen eye for makeup and looking great in general. He also has a great sense of humor, and you will notice he has a massive social following. While his style can be a bit different, he does have some excellent beauty tips.

Robin James

Robin James is a major name in things like men’s lifestyle. He is known for being very creative, his videos are concise and professional, so you are indeed getting an amazing quality and value with his content. That’s what makes it well worth a watch.

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman is a part of an influencer power couple. But aside from that, he does present many self-care products and beauty items, and he reviews them and shares his experience with these things. Which is great, because he is not biased, and he talks about things exactly the way they are.

Benny Hancock

Benny Hancock talks about makeup, lifestyle and fashion. He has a great appreciation for the finer things in life, which is what makes them one of the male beauty influencers to watch right now. The large variety of topics he covers makes him a great option if you want to see more than beauty content.

Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino focuses a lot on skincare, as well as a variety of beauty products. He is well known in the industry and does a very good job at covering all kinds of unique, creative topics. Not only that, but he experiments with various styles and ideas.

Nick Cox

Like many other male beauty influencers, Nick Cox dabbles into a variety of great topics. The great thing here is that he showcases things like beauty products, fragrances and grooming items in particular. That means there’s a lot to see here and plenty of things to admire and enjoy.

Rowan Young

Rowan Young’s main appeal is the fact that he creates many makeup tutorials. Since he is a certified makeup artist, he does create some amazing makeups, and that brings in front a tremendous value, quality and experience. All you have to do is to check it out for yourself.

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock covers beauty products and he also offers unbiased opinions when it comes to the way others look and what they can improve. His commentary is fun and unfiltered, and you get to check out a multitude of amazing ideas. It’s definitely important to follow him online, as it’s a whole lot of fun.

Marc Zapanta

Marc Zapanta is a Filipino who lives in the UK. He creates all kinds of beauty content pieces like hauls, transformation, beauty tutorials and many others. It’s also known that he works with a variety of beauty influencers too.

Brendan Jordan

Brendan Jordan has been viral for a very long time, and he is an LGBT activist. But aside from that, he does focus on showing off various beauty styles and ideas. Which makes him a great person to follow out of so many male beauty influencers.

Patrick Simondac

Patrick Simondac is a major advocate of the male beauty industry and he covers pretty much all you would expect. He shares many techniques and ideas with his followers. That’s why he is one of the male beauty influencers you want to follow right now.

James Charles

James Charles creates a lot of lifestyle content, but he does have many beauty tutorials, fashion content and so on. He is one of the first male beauty influencers that created their own cosmetic campaign and product line, which is amazing in its own right.

Lewys Ball

Lewys Ball is another influencer that focuses specifically on beauty, fashion, and vlogging. He is a young start but managed to accrue a lot of followers because he has a very distinct style and he creates many hauls and tutorials.

Manny Mua

Manny Mua is extremely popular, especially on YouTube. He creates all kinds of makeup content, as well as tutorials and plenty of lifestyle videos. He is known for the fact that he constantly pushes the boundaries to deliver creative and innovative ideas.

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star does an amazing job at combining makeup content with fashion and lifestyle. While he doesn’t post very often, the content he creates deliver lots of production value and it’s extremely interesting.


There are a vast range of male beauty influencers you can follow right now, and they all bring in front a variety of ideas and content. It all comes down to what you like the most and what kind of content you are interested in. There’s definitely no shortage of options. At the end of the day, it’s great to see so many male influencers in the beauty industry, because they get to inform potential customers about beauty products, share tutorial


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