8 Chronic Illness Bloggers You Need to Be Following on Social Media

With the advancement of technology and as a result of aging, chronic illness has become a living part of the majority of the population. As we all know, it is a very bad experience and life becomes hard with chronic illnesses. The diseases that last for a considerably longer duration are considered chronic illnesses. However, people try to live with these conditions. In this case, the health information, instructions provided by the chronic illness bloggers will be useful for the suffering patients to improve their life quality. There are instances where these blogs become their main source of information.
Chronic illness bloggers always try their maximum to stay popular. Therefore they will include more researched and accurate information simply that the reader can understand the concept simply. We can search for them on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, etc. The majority of chronic illness bloggers can be visible and active on Instagram. You can spend your time wisely on social media by following these popular chronic illness bloggers. The next interesting thing regarding chronic illness bloggers are, most of them had suffered or still suffering from chronic illness. So they know how hard it is to live a normal life with a persisting condition. So this has stimulated them to create blogs with their own experiences and provide valuable information to the suffering people.

1. Chronic Illness Coach

Empowerment within ourselves is important when we need to fight against diseases. Torijoygeiger is a lady who involves in empowering people with chronic illnesses. She explains and inspires the people using tips to live a normal life with the illness. She brings courage and guides patients in the battle against chronic heart diseases. She was born with a congenital heart anomaly. But she achieves the victory of her life. She attempts to guide other heart patients as well to navigate their own life stories. Her voice always talks to suffering patients and empowers them to live happily without fear.

2. jeniquante


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She is a Registered Nurse and she always tries to address the public to enhance their health and wellbeing. She is suffering from Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and congenital Lyme. She knows what is pain and its severity. Many physicians ignored her and she keep on suffering. So she attempts to create a painless world where everyone is treated equally. So she always posts on social media to make the patients positive and to live with new hopes.

3. Cheryl 馃専 Arthritis Empowerment

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition where there is not any permanent cure. So she is suffering from this chronic illness. Today, she has become well known as a chronic illness blogger. She tries to help and guide others who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. When you visit her site and social media sites you can improve your knowledge and can get access to life hacks. Her nine years of experience will be very helpful because more than a physician or a nurse she is know how others feel and their limitations. So her tips and life hacks will always help the patients to improve their quality of life.

4. Alexis Tomlin


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Chronic illness bloggers are normally maintained and owned by people who had already suffered. So Alexis Tomlin’s blog and social media posts address chronic pain. Living with chronic pain is not that simple. It ruins our entire life and diminish the happiness and urge within us to achieve our goals. People who live with chronic illness hesitate to visit the hospital frequently as they don’t like to recall bad hospital experiences. People try to cope with the pain and as time goes they will understand that medications are only to relieve symptoms. In such instances, the chronic illness blog and social media platforms help them greatly to cope with the pain and discomfort. Alexis Tomlin is experiencing a rare sensory disorder and many health professionals even never understand the situation. So she knows how people suffer when they get a rare unfamiliar chronic condition. So these blogs are to help such people to cope with their pain and to share their experiences.

5. books.and.salt


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Kara is having a disability and she is a mom with a genetic mutation. So she is suffering from a chronic connective tissue disorder where she is having a greater risk of internal organ rupture. She had a hard time when she get to know the diagnosis and she knows she is having very few years to live. However, she was able to tolerate and look forward and brings you her experiences very proudly. She loves reading books and posting reviews regarding the excellent books she read. She is a chronic illness mom blogger as her target audience is people with chronic illness. So they feel loneness and these book reviews encourage them to read books to feel more complete and comfortable.

6. sleepy_potsie


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Do you know how people suffer and fail in their social interactions because of sleeping disorders? There are verities of sleeping disorders. Potsie is a lady who was diagnosed as a patient with a sleeping disorder called idiopathic hypersomnia. She is trying to give hope to the patients who struggle to live with sleeping disorders. She is a teacher and she couldn’t continue as a teacher. But her strength brought her up to today. In her blog, she explains different categories of disorders, diagnoses, and how to get treatments step by step. So I think such chronic illness bloggers’ Instagram also provides huge knowledge to the readers.

7. lupuslifekat


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Kat is a 27 years old lady with many rare disease conditions. She had underdone bad days and he maintain his blog, page to share her health journey and how she cope with her mental wellbeing. She is an amazing lady who still stands straight in front of all these chronic diseases. She is the proper example for the lifestyle bloggers for those with chronic illnesses. Her stories and experiences will let the readers know how strong she is and patients will follow her courage and become energetic after reading her blog.

8. Lore


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Lore lives with nature and her entire blogs and social media is full of natural plants and the eyes of the visitors attract them. She is having a chronic illness and suffering from too much pain. But she copes with the pain by enjoying nature and feeling the warmth of the weather. She inspires other suffering people to visit her chronic illness bloggers to calm their minds and to get distracted from the chronic pain.

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