9 Must-Follow Food Allergy Bloggers for Tips & Recipes

Recently, there are many food allergy bloggers that now got some recognition. As we know that a food allergy has been a common thing. It is because of lifestyle changes, including food and the environment. Everything is changing. That is why there are a lot of bloggers and influencers who are massively educating people about food allergies. It is the body’s reaction after eating some foods. Reactions vary. There is shortness of breath, diarrhea, itching, and others. Although it is not so dangerous, food allergies can interfere with daily activities. Hence, it isn’t easy for some people to enjoy eating out. We have a list of food allergy influencers focused on educating about food allergies so you can get ideas for safe foods for people with food allergies.

1. Kristi – Food Allergy Dietitian

Kristi - Food Allergy Blogger Dietitian

Kristi is one of the best food allergy bloggers who focus on using her Instagram account to educate her followers about food allergies. Her mission is to help those with allergies to enjoy food more calmly and comfortably. Kristi is a dietitian who believes that food should be enjoyed and not feared. People with food allergies should eat the same foods as other people. She also shares various allergies and homemade food recipes that are safe for consumption. You can also find some scientific resources to learn more about food allergies in her highlight. Some of her recipes are easy to follow at home. So if you need more food allergies ideas recipes, follow her on her Instagram!

2. Lauren – Highly allergic human


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The next food allergy mama blog is Lauren. In her Instagram account @lesswithlaur, Lauren shares many recipes that are safe for people with food allergies. You can see some of the highlight stories that she has shared. The highlight categories that you can see are fitness, wellness, breakfast recipes, dinner, or dessert. She admits that she is a highly allergic human. That’s the reason why she started to educate about safe food. Most of the recipes she makes are plant-based. Although she is not vegan, many of his recipes adopt vegan food. All the food she shares is gluten-free and dairy-free. So for those of you who are allergic to gluten and lactose, it will be very suitable to follow Lauren on her Instagram. Find delicious recipes that are safe and delicious.

3. Allergy bubble


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If you are looking for a food allergy influencer who is very aware of allergies, allergybubble is the answer. In her Instagram, she tries to increase allergy awareness. She also shares some experiences and tips for those who have food allergies. She has trivia info about various things related to food allergies, such as three red flags to look out for when it comes to food allergies, how to overcome feeling guilty, tips of eating out for people with allergies, and more. She sometimes also shares safe home recipes. In addition, she also provides restaurant recommendations that can be an option for those of you who may have food allergies as well. So feel free to follow her on Instagram.

4. friendlypantry – Food Allergy Mom


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If you are looking for kids with food allergy blog, you can follow @friendlypantry. Corinna focuses her Instagram as food allergy mama blog because she is a mother who has a daughter who also has food allergies. She often shares short videos about tips on dealing with children who have food allergies. She is active in opening free workshops that you can take part in to learn about allergies and brilliant recipes for children. You can also download the recipe ebook that she has made. If you are bored with the menu, you are cooking, and the Corina ebook can be the right answer. On her Instagram, there are also some tips on mental wellness for mothers and children who have to face the challenges of food allergies. Don’t hesitate to follow her on Instagram to get more insight to relax and chill whenever you have difficulties cooking food for your allergic children.

5. Food Allergy Diva




food allergy diva home made pizza recipe
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The next food allergy blog is the Food Allergy Diva. She is from Phoenix, AZ. She shares many food recipes that people with food allergies can consume on her Instagram. In addition, there are recommendations for restaurants around Phoenix that are friendly for food allergy people. Sometimes she recommends some gluten-free products. she has an online shop that focuses on selling safe products for allergies. She is diligent in educating about food allergies because she also has children who are allergic to food. According to him, anyone needs to know that a food allergy is something. People should be aware that not everyone can eat the same food. If you also have children who have food allergies, Instagram @foodallergydiva is suitable for you to follow. Not only are recipes fun to cook with children, but she also shares some tips for educating children.

6. Catherine Walker – Allergy Cookbook Author


Catherine is a blogger and influencer who has food allergy blog to educate people about allergy awareness. She is allergic to eggs, milk, nuts, quinoa, and tree nuts. According to her, cooking is the most powerful way to keep eating healthy and creative. She also writes a special cookbook for people who have food allergies. The book is free and accessible everywhere. The goal is to be a safe place to find recipes that are safe to eat for those with food allergies. In addition to sharing recipes and information, sometimes she also makes food allergy cooking challenges with her friends. She is very passionate about spreading awareness about food allergies, and she is part of the FARE Food Allergy Research and Education and the TAG Teen Advisory Group. You can visit Catherine on her Instagram @cook_it_up_catherine or her food allergy website blog. Find interesting and various recipes from her!

7. Stephanie | The Open Cookbook

Stephanie is one of food allergy influencers who have autoimmune and several food allergies. Her Instagram account focuses on educating about autoimmunity, food allergies, and digestive health. She also opens free consultations for people who have autoimmune problems. She is available for a nutritional therapy discovery call. The service is free and open to anyone. So if you are confused about how to start life after getting a diagnosis, you can contact him. That also applies to those of you who may still be in the stage of finding out whether you have food allergies or not. Stephanie also shares many friendly recipes with other allergic people, such as dairy-free food, gluten-free food, and others. You can also download the free ebook about the Elimination Phase Guide. You’ll find out what foods you need to avoid and some tips for replacing food-friendly ingredients for people with food allergies.

8. Allergic Living Food Allergy Magazine

The next is one of the best food allergy bloggers. It is @allergiclivingmag, an online magazine focusing on food allergies education. Their mission is to make their blog and Instagram a safe and trusted place for people with allergies. Their team consists of broad-minded people and is guaranteed to provide science-based and fact-checked content. Some info about allergies, they also interviewed several experts who focus on allergies. You can also participate in sharing your experience of dealing with food allergies on the feature page. This page is intended for the community of readers to share the emotional and social challenges of being an allergic person. You can also find a dermatologist and doctor to consult about food and environmental allergies.

9. @nutfreementality – Jess Carrillo

The next food allergy blog is Jess Carrillo. She shares her experience as an allergic person in her blog and Instagram. Her blog is about her journey of becoming a person with a food allergy. She received help from the Southern California Food Allergy Institute. In her blog, he says that food allergy is about avoiding food and struggling. People with allergies need a lot of effort to study many things about it, such as reading, consulting with doctors, undergoing many tests, and facing mental challenges that are not easy. In the early stages, it seems difficult because it is not easy to avoid food allergens. Jess also shared how she took care of her mental health to stay calm when dealing with allergies that she accidentally experienced. Her blog and her Instagram account are ways to keep him aware of what she is facing. She also wants to invite people to continue to be mindful of food allergies because not many know about the difficulty of being a food allergy person.


Food allergy is not scary if you want to open yourself to the outside world—lots of info available on the internet to solve it. You can also follow some food allergy bloggers that you can meet on Instagram and other platforms. Whether it’s a recipe or tips on mental wellness, it’s all there. You don’t need to stress if you or your child is diagnosed with a food allergy because you can find anything online. That includes information and motivation to help you stay happy with a food allergy. Follow those best food allergy bloggers and influencers and make your life more comfortable and simple than before.

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