10 Inspiring Zero Waste Bloggers & Influencers

If you’re interested in protecting the planet and the environment, it’s a great idea to follow zero waste influencers and bloggers. Their how to live zero waste blogs and social media profiles are extraordinary and there’s a lot to learn from them. Plus, all the blogs about zero waste can give a lot of insight into what you are doing wrong and how you can change to save the planet. It’s a clever approach and it does work incredibly well. Here are 10 zero waste Instagram bloggers that you should check out right away.


    What we like about The Zero Waste Guide is that it’s one of the best zero waste family blogs. They offer a lot of info about ways to protect the planet, how you can improve your lifestyle and so on. They offer an interesting set of comparisons to do that, with the Old Me/New Me series being very popular. Their posts are very educational, which is why we think this is one of the top zero waste influencers that everyone should follow. They have more than 860k followers at the time of this writing,

  2. @zerowastehome – Bea Johnson


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    Bea Johnson is widely known in the online world as one of the best zero waste bloggers. She focuses a lot on the idea of protecting the planet, living a healthy and minimalist lifestyle. Her content is very creative and innovative, and also rather educational. There’s a lot to learn from her if you choose to follow her posts, and she will certainly make you think twice about the way you use various items. Which is great, since she has a very positive influence over more than 260k people and counting.

  3. Waste Free Planet | Zero Waste

    Waste Free Planet is another one of the best zero waste blogs and resources you should follow. The content here is very appealing and interesting, and there are plenty of tutorials too. They share a vast range of DIY ideas that will make it easy to protect our planet and keep it safe, which is always nice to have. We also like their unique tips when it comes to food and produce. Overall, this is one of the best blogs about zero waste with lots of quality content.

  4. @zerowaste.japan – Ran Nomura


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    What you will like about Ran Nomura from the start is the unique style and creative content provided here. This is one of the best zero waste blogs Japan has to offer, and it can be a great starting point if you want to try the zero waste lifestyle. The DIY guidelines are great, the content is very immersive and appealing, and you will be impressed with the true focus on sustainability. You will be very happy with the great content and quality provided here, but also the fact that the overall community on this blog is helpful and offers some nice ideas and tips.

  5. Dr Anita Vandyke


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    Her “rocket_science” account on Instagram has acquired a lot of interest because it delivers one of the best pieces of content and ideas out there. She does a very good job at bringing in plenty of creativity and unique DIY methods to live a zero waste lifestyle. Unlike many zero waste blogs male, she is mostly focused on the female audience, but she does have quite a lot of universal tips too.

  6. 꿀주부 Honeyjubu

    Honeyjubu is one of the major zero waste blogs Japan that does a very good job at showcasing many tips and tricks. The great thing here is that these vary from simple stuff like preparing food without wasting anything, ways to clean the bathroom efficiently, or the fridge, how to have a smart and zero waste lifestyle, among others. There’s a reason why Honeyjubu has more than 853k subscribers on YouTube along, because the content is very creative and enjoyable. You can also find Honeyjubu on Instagram, where they have a rather large audience as well.

  7. Levi Hildebrand

    Levi Hildebrand and his partner Leah do a very good job at focusing on zero waste living and they do have some great tips. The interesting thing is that they talk about a vast range of other topics too, like relationships, routines, DIY ideas to protect the environment and many others. It’s a great channel to follow if you want a couple’s perspective when it comes to zero waste living. You will definitely learn quite a lot from them, which is great.

  8. Going Zero Waste

    Going Zero Waste has a variety of interesting topics on YouTube, and they do treat this with lots of care and attention. There are tons of shorts you can follow where you get to learn about zero waste living and the challenges that it entails. This is one of the best zero waste Instagram bloggers with a YouTube channel that’s pretty fun to follow as well. You are bound to appreciate their great focus on quality and value, and overall you are bound to have a very good experience.

  9. Sustainably Vegan

    Sustainably Vegan covers both low impact living, but also how it is to live as a vegan. It’s a great channel to visit because you can find all kinds of sustainable hacks in the fields of beauty, cooking and so on. They also have content related to healthy habits too. Overall, it’s one of the top zero waste blogs and resources people follow online, there’s plenty of stuff to learn about, and you will find yourself impressed with the production value and quality of every post.

  10. Gittemary Johansen

    Gittemary Johansen posts content at least 1 or 2 times per week, and she always talks about eco-friendly content, zero waste living and DIY tips on how to become zero waste. There’s definitely a lot to learn from her, since she tries a vast range of unique ideas. This is one of the top zero waste influencers and the best part is that she does come up with innovative, fun ideas that everyone will enjoy.

    As you can see, there’s no shortage of zero waste influencers that you can follow right now. It’s a great idea to follow them because they bring a unique, exciting perspective over the entire process. It’s always important to take your time and find ways to protect the environment, and zero waste living can do that. We recommend following these zero waste bloggers online, as you will be impressed with their journey, tips and ideas!

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