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What does a purple butterfly mean?

In some hospitals, you can see a purple butterfly in newborn baby cribs. Below we explain what this sign means and where it comes from.

It is possible to see the purple butterfly sign on newborn cribs in hospitals and explanations about what it means more and more every day. However, most people do not yet know the meaning of this butterfly. Sometimes a birth does not turn out as happily as expected. For this reason, it is important to give the necessary warning so that the visitors do not act in any thoughtless way in such a bad situation.

The purpose of using the purple butterfly sign in the delivery departments of hospitals is to warn people that that birth has resulted in an undesirable outcome. In this way, visitors or patients get an idea of ​​how the birth has just ended.

First of all, it is customary for family members to go to the hospital to see the newborn baby or babies. For this reason, the little ones are usually located behind a glass pane that people can see. In twin births, families prepare themselves for the birth of two little angels in advance. Therefore, while waiting for the moment to meet with their baby, they do not expect to be separated from them or that only a baby will be born successfully.

How did the use of the purple butterfly come about?

A woman who gave birth at the same time as someone else in the hospital says that they are both expecting twins, but the women are not aware of each other’s situation. The woman who gave birth to her two babies tells the other woman how lucky she is to have only one baby, due to the difficult situation she is in.

In fact, the woman does not have a single baby, because she is expecting twins too. Unfortunately, one of the babies was born dead. The other woman in the delivery room unknowingly hurt his feelings. After all, there is no chance of knowing that she too is expecting twins.

It was after this event that the idea of ​​​​putting a purple butterfly sign on the bassinet emerged. With this sign, people will understand that the baby in the cradle is actually a sibling, but he did not manage to survive. Sometimes the baby may be born dead, and sometimes it may die shortly after birth. The truth is that because we are not aware of such a tragic situation, it is possible for us to engage in inappropriate and thoughtless behaviors.

However, if we do not know the meaning of the purple butterfly sign, we are likely to continue to make such mistakes. In this context, it is important to spread such practices and ideas and to raise awareness of other people so that affected families do not become more emotionally drained.

A New Chance for Skye

Fate has prepared extremely bad news for the Smith family. While expecting twins, one of the babies will not survive. In fact, from the twelfth week of pregnancy, they know how this process will end. One of the twins, Callie, has a better chance of survival than her sister Skye.

Mom and dad evaluate all possibilities. They will be able to terminate the pregnancy or continue the process to give Skye another chance. However, it is an obvious fact that the tiny baby will most likely not even show any reaction during birth. Therefore, they find another way to keep him alive and decide to donate his organs.

However, these desires are not something that can be fulfilled. Because the birth took place at the 30th week. However, in order to donate an organ, it is necessary to complete at least 36 weeks. That’s why organ donation dreams don’t come true.

The family knows that one of the twins will die. However, it is seen that the little girl is much more alive than expected at birth. Because Skye cried when she was born and waved her arms when she was born by cesarean section. Even this is a huge improvement. Because in this way, his parents had a chance to meet him and say goodbye to him.

Now, though unplanned in any way, the little girl is remembered in every purple butterfly, signifying a very sad loss. This sign is also used in multiple births before at least one of the babies dies.

What does a purple butterfly on a hospital bed mean?

How is the Purple Butterfly Symbol Evaluated? In cases where the purple butterfly is used, perhaps a mixture of unwanted emotions will be experienced. Positive news, a child’s life, the baby coming home, etc. The twin survivor deserves a welcome, for he is a self-illuminating light. On the other hand, the loss of his brother greatly overshadows this joy.

Whichever way you look at it, this situation is extremely sad. Separation from the baby and the bitter end… But the surviving baby does not have to suffer like adults. This sign is not used for the surviving baby, but to keep the memory of the other baby alive.

The surviving child may be completely healthy and ready to give great happiness to his family. Therefore, the purple butterfly sign should not be perceived negatively. This is just a warning symbol. Of course, it would not be right to feel sorry for the baby in life. So there is no need to appease him or feel pain for him. Because this little baby, who has just opened his eyes to the world, does not know anything.

The purple butterfly emerged from the pain of a mother who wanted to put an end to the reminder of her grief over her great loss. This applies to all mothers who experience similar things. The purple butterfly is a sign that warns other family members, friends, hospital staff and generally everyone that the family is grieving.

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