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Dreaming about water

Seeing water in the dream generally indicates abundant earnings, good deeds and abundance. It describes a long and healthy life and a happy family life. According to other dream scholars, sometimes seeing water in the dream means death. Of course, different interpretations can be made depending on what kind of water is seen. Different dreams you have seen, such as dirty or turbid water, have different meanings.

Taking Water in a Dream

Taking water in the dream means learning knowledge and wisdom from someone else and getting accurate information from him. At the same time, it means having wisdom and gaining rights by earning halal profit as a result of important achievements. On the other hand, for people who want to get married, it also refers to making a choice between the families who come to the meeting. It is generally interpreted as fertility and abundance, as well as luck and fortune.

Drinking Water in a Dream

Drinking water in the dream means abundance and fertility. It also means that a happy and peaceful, healthy life will be lived. It also indicates that there will be good developments and getting rid of troubles. It indicates that the sustenance of the dream owner will increase and the earnings will reach higher points through a job he has done. According to different dream scholars, it narrates halal earnings along with being a good person.

Giving Water in the Dream

Giving water in a dream means support for a friend or relative who is financially troubled. It also indicates that the dream owner will achieve important successes that will enable him to rise in business life. It indicates that he will have a spacious and bright life and that he will live his life on a halal gain.

Giving Water to a Dead Person in a Dream

Giving water to a dead person in a dream means doing someone a favor without realizing it in real life. With this favor, it is a sign that he has earned good deeds and received his prayer. If the person who is given water in the dream is an enemy, then it means that the enemy has given his right.

To See Falling into Water in a Dream

To see falling into the water in the dream is predicted that the dreamer will make good earnings in the future. It indicates that he will be comfortable with halal money and will live a happy life with his family. It indicates that he will achieve important successes and will achieve a high profit from this success.

See Dirty Water in the Dream

Seeing dirty water in the dream indicates that the dreamer will enter a difficult period in his business life. It indicates that he will deal with troubles and troubles and that he may come under some debts. According to other dream scholars, it is interpreted that he will receive bad news and will be very sad for a while because of this news.

Seeing Muddy Water in the Dream

Seeing muddy water in the dream tells that the dream owner has entered a troubled period. Seeing muddy water in the dream, which is generally known as a problematic and depressed period, is also interpreted that the person carries even very small arguments to serious dimensions. It indicates that he will fight constantly and will be away from a happy and peaceful life for a while.

Water in Vanga’s dream book

As the soothsayer explains, water is a symbol of change, development, progress, deliverance from sins. If in a dream you drink fresh, cool, pleasant water, then in reality the world will be updated and cleansed, many people (including you) will connect to this process and be resurrected in a new quality. Dirty water is associated with problems, difficulties in relationships with others. In order not to stain your soul with negativity, be patient, behave kindly. After a dream in which water floods your home, expect a real stream of news. One of the messages will radically change your self-perception and relationships with people.

Glory and important achievements are foreshadowed by a dream in which water pours on a person from above, but if you happen to drown in clean and cool water, remember this dream in the morning. He says that in life it is worth learning to let go of the reins, to stop trying to control everything around, to resist what is happening. Stubbornness in this situation only hurts.

The coming battle for well-being is predicted by a dream in which clean water is covered with small ripples. You will have to fight for your desires and dreams, but this will only make the victory sweeter.

Water dream meaning in the Islamic

Pure water in a dream symbolizes joy, well-being; muddy, on the contrary – grief, disappointment. A lot of water dreams of a rich harvest. If you drink water in a dream, pay attention to its color, quality and temperature: clean, pleasant, cool water in a dream promises a happy life, which you will come to through a series of trials; very hot – to the disruption of a planned trip or disappointment in a friend whose help you were counting on; musty – various problems; yellow – health problems; black – eye diseases up to blindness.

Water in Freud’s dream book

The main meanings of water are everything related to conception and orgasm. A jet or stream of water is a symbol of ejaculation. If you are attracted to someone, then in a dream you will pour water; if to a specific woman or man, then you will pull them out of the water. Do you splash water in your sleep? It means that you are striving for ejaculation, and also you have sexual fantasies that you yourself do not really understand. A person who in a dream jumps into the water, enters it or goes ashore, dreams of procreation in reality. Swim in the water in a dream – to pregnancy in the near future (for women). In addition, such a dream personifies the pleasant sensations from the caresses of a loved one. Anyone who suffered from enuresis in childhood can also see himself in a dream in the water. Narcissists obsessed with their health and fitness will stare into the water while they sleep. 

Water in the dream book of Nostradamus

This interpreter believes that sleep has a rather negative meaning. If you dreamed of clean water, one of the relatives would fall ill in reality. But for a woman, swimming in clean water in a dream portends a large amount of money or the emergence of a new permanent source of income.

Water is a symbol of life. If it seethes, then the time has come for complex experiments and discoveries up to the emergence of a new teaching or science. A giant ball filled with very clear water promises good weather, which will be of great benefit to the agricultural sector. Litigation or slander, which will change the public mood and personally your faith in tomorrow, promises a dream about a fly at the bottom of your glass of water. Water with blood predicts the birth of a great man under the sign of Scorpio. Walking on the water accompanied by carps – to aggravate relations with Japan, but without violence or military conflict. But to go under water and communicate with dolphins at the same time – to your discovery of a nation, the existence of which was not known before.

Astrologer’s comment about water in dream

Elena Kuznetsova, Vedic astrologer:

If in a dream you see clean water, it can be assumed that this is a projection of your inner world. And it is very important to remember what happened to this water (that is, to you) in a dream. If some pollutants got into the water right in front of your eyes, then in reality you should be more careful and try to stay away from toxic people. If there were circles on the water, or it seemed to be muddled, it means that someone is spreading gossip about you or trying to harm you. If water brings pleasure, satisfies thirst – everything is calm and good in your life and it is definitely moving in the right direction.

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