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Dream about horses in dream books

The horse in Miller’s dream book

If a horse is beautiful in a dream, then you will have good luck, prosperity, prosperity (a similar interpretation of a dream about participating in races, but the path to happiness will be difficult, full of obstacles if you dream of a horse-drawn carriage). A dirty animal speaks of impending deception and betrayal by people whom you considered reliable, and a wounded or dead one warns: get ready for the sad news (a harbinger of grief, loss of control over the situation, collapse of hopes is also a horse that has fallen from the sky, turned into a stranger; even worse if he starts throwing things at you).

If a horse ran away from you in a dream and joined a wild herd, then you will receive a message about someone’s illness. A dream about cleaning a horse (whether you do it yourself or someone else) advises you to be patient: before you achieve stability in life and receive the respect you deserve, you will have to work hard and survive severe trials.

Admiring a perfectly savvy horse is a success that you yourself could not expect (for a woman, such a dream promises a true friend for life). The dream in which you shoe your horse reflects your remorse – you will receive property in a dishonest way.

Of great importance when interpreting dreams about a horse is its color. Riding a white horse? Your friends will stay with you for many years, meeting with them will bring you great joy. On a bay? You will satisfy your ambitions, take a higher position. For women, this dream promises getting rid of an obsessive boyfriend and receiving material benefits. The black horse indicates to you that there is a lot of fuss in your affairs, sometimes they are meaningless. Galloping horses of brown color (light red with a darker mane and tail) predict a sharp deterioration in your affairs that have been very successful up to this point (according to the second version, such a dream is a short-term, superficial hobby. Horses in apples promise benefits in business.

A grazing herd dreams of a profitable business and complete understanding with business partners. If the horses had nothing to eat in the pasture, then this symbolizes faithful, but poor friends in life (a dream promises a happy marriage to a girl).

A horse seller in a dream is a sign that the risk in some business will be justified, you will get good benefits. And, on the contrary, losses await you if you bought a horse and understood that you were being deceived during the transaction. Were you yourself a salesman in a dream and got rid of a bad animal, leaving yourself a good one? Big luck is just around the corner! If in a dream you are traveling on a horse, remember what exactly you did and who was with you. We drove to the top of the mountain along a narrow path – you will reach a strong position in life. To do this, you will have to make a lot of effort if the animal is so tired that you walked the rest of the way. Crossed a transparent stream – good luck, muddy – your success will be overshadowed. We swam across the river – to the implementation of plans for work. The horse was bareback, but this did not bother you – you will face serious trials, but you will be able to withstand everything (it is possible that friends will come to the rescue) and live comfortably. They rode a kicking animal – obstacles will await you on the way to well-being. If you could not stay in the saddle, illness or conflict with enemies is coming (similar to the dream in which the horse hit you on the back). Your life will turn sharply in a good direction, if in a dream you can curb a horse, grab it by the bridle.

Did girls accompany you along the way? 

This means that you cannot decide on your desires and are dependent on someone.

Dreams about horseback riding for girls have a separate interpretation. Riding a black horse – to the fulfillment of desires (this will be possible thanks to a happy occasion and a conversation with wise people); on white, and at the same time to see a rider on a black horse behind him – to the alternation of black and white stripes in life and constant anxiety for some important business. Going down from a hill – to problems. Frightened – to jealousy and anxiety. If in a dream her lover is sitting behind a girl on a horse, then very successful fans will appear in her life. A dream in which a rider jumps off a horse, and she becomes a pig, warns that you yourself will regret later if you reject the courtship of worthy gentlemen.

Are you a businessman, agricultural worker or is your profession related to literature? Expect great success after a dream in which you will decorate the tail and mane of the horse.

The horse in Vanga’s dream book

Is there a black streak in your life, and do you dream of a white horse? It means that positive changes are already close. The black horse has the opposite interpretation. Pedigree animals promise to improve relationships in the family and at work. Did the horse come? A friend will betray you. Get hit with a hoof – to difficulties and ailments. Falling from a horse in a waking dream will turn into an accident. Dreaming of wild and evil horses also speaks of problems in your life – a car accident, a serious illness. A mad horse that you manage to curb promises career growth, power or money. Effectively prancing on a horse or galloping in a dream – to a loss of vigilance in reality. Advice – do not close your eyes to other people’s shortcomings, otherwise it will play a cruel joke on you.

You can start packing your bags if you dreamed of affectionate horses that allow you to stroke yourself – a business trip awaits you. It will be long, but profitable. Skinny horses predict crop failure; beautiful and sleek, on the contrary, an abundance of food. A large number of dead horses promises global problems for humanity. If a dead animal resurrects and tries to kick or bite you, then you need to be wary of an old enemy. The revived equestrian statue reminds you that once upon a time you abandoned one project. Try to implement it and then you will get rich and famous. It is dashing to prance on a horse or ride it at a frantic gallop – to a loss of vigilance. No need to turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of others, because this can play a cruel joke.

Horse in the Islamic dream book

The horse is a symbol of good and good. Riding a horse in a dream – gain power and authority. If another person is sitting in front of you, then it is he who will lead you to success. Is a horse carrying luggage in a dream? Remember the area in which she arrives – that is where prosperity awaits you. A dream in which a horse tells you something is considered prophetic. It must be taken literally, because animals do not lie. Dreamed horse feces promise wealth. It will come in the form of an inheritance if you sit on a pile of manure in a dream.

Horse in Freud’s dream book

The horse is a symbol of everything feminine, an ideal partner. A beautiful horse in a dream reflects your dream of meeting such a companion. If you do not have a clear image of the ideal, then you will dream of a herd. Riding means your desire to have children. A sick horse speaks of worries about the well-being of the second half and children.

Horse in Loff’s dream book

A dream about a horse is a signal from your body, tired from work, that you need to slow down, remember to rest. Workaholics will dream of a tortured horse harnessed to a cart, a plow or carrying a heavy load; a coachman who beats tired horses, as well as dying animals.

Horse in the dream book of Nostradamus

Caring for a sick horse in a dream? Get ready, you will have to do the same with one of your relatives in reality. If the animal is on the mend, then the person will be better. A driven horse symbolizes hard and low-paid work, and a lame horse symbolizes illness. A quarrel with a loved one portends a dream in which you harness a horse. If you wash it, clean it, then you will have to cry (because of gossip – if you swam with your horse or swam alongside). A dream about a thick mane and tail has both a negative interpretation – resentment (if you just see them), and a positive one – matchmaking, a beautiful romance (if you comb them).

Horse in Tsvetkov’s dream book

This animal is associated with signs of fate, hopes. Jump off the horse – part with the previous position. White horse in a dream – get ready, because of someone’s complaint, you will not be able to arrange your affairs the way you wanted. But for a woman, such a dream promises a quick wedding.

Horse in the Esoteric dream book

A dreaming horse is associated with success in business. Riding a horse in a dream – you can be calm, in a difficult situation there will be a reliable person next to you, friends will come to the rescue. The herd promises liberation, and the squadron – public intrigues, perhaps they will be connected with politics. The suit of the dreaming animal plays an important role. A white horse in a dream symbolizes the water element, a pale one – air, a red one – fire, a black one – earth. Other shades also speak of your connection with the subtle worlds and the need to strengthen your knowledge of magic, to begin to consciously use its methods. For ordinary people, the color of the horse explains what area the dream is associated with: white – feelings and emotions, coral – your affections, piebald – movement in space, bay – social relations, and gray with apples – business. The heavy truck symbolizes life.

Psychologist’s opinion

Uliana Burakova, psychologist:

In some psychological directions, a horse or horse symbolizes strength, aspiration, desires, etc. But the interpretation of this image in a dream is always individual, it depends on what meaning you attach to it.

When a horse dreams, first pay attention to the details: what this animal looks like, what it does, what it feels. Also focus on your feelings, feelings and thoughts. What are your actions in a dream. What associations do you have with a horse. Does the experienced state in a dream look like what it is in reality? What should you pay attention to in life?

What we see in a dream is part of our unconscious, it gives us information and signals about us.

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